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Perfect Cargo Service is fast becoming one of the leading entities in the arena of freight forwarding and related services. The company has made a mark for itself by its superior services, its ability to provide the best transporting solutions and its delivery on promises. Perfect Cargo Service’s itinerary of services covers the entire gamut of activities ranging from moving and packing and freight forwarding to custom documentation and clearance.

All services are carried out by professionals specially trained in their area of operations. We take pride in being able to negotiate the best possible deals in your interest, cost wise and by way of convenience.

Having established a comprehensive and secure network of service providers we handle cargo easily and expeditiously.

Quality Commitment

We are one of the best in the cargo forwarding business because of our professionalism and commitment towards the needs of our customers. Our strong and highly motivated team of professionals ensures that the quality of our services is always right up there to satisfy the most discerning customers. Safety of the cargo and prompt delivery schedules are invariably maintained even under the most trying circumstances and even when having to deal with multiple regulatory and enforcement agencies.

Our Strength

Attention to detail and a very professional and trained team that takes care of even the most minor aspects of our operations is our main strength. Armed with cutting edge gadgetry and abreast of the needs of the trading community, we keep ourselves ready for all challenges. Excellent relationship with various agencies and service providers built up over the years makes it a smooth ride for our cargoes.


We are proud to say that we have a big clientele spread across the nation who believes in our ability to deliver on their diverse needs. Given our impeccable track record it is no surprise that they keep coming back to us for all their transportation needs. Feed back from our clients are graciously accepted and used to fine-tune our operations.

Our Services

We are committed to a level of service that not only meets, but exceeds expectations. We strive to develop long term relationships with fast growing small to mid-sized companies and to be an integral part of that growth.

PCS not only gets your shipment from point to A to point B with maximum efficiency and minimized costs, but we can also help your company realize its international shipping potential through personalized service, through attention to detail, and a creative and knowledge-driven approach to finding solutions.

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